Sunday, November 23, 2008

Polar Parade

Wolves wearing stoles of bright winter white,
Pad intricate icy prints in the forest at night.
A nodding old owl, feathers frosted with light,
Snoots, ruffling snowflakes and crystal moonlight.

Sugarcoated bunnies bound over alabaster dunes,
Pristine polar bears tumble on icy, silver blooms.
After up and downy tumbling, tired cubs cocoon,
Inside cold caves covered in blue icicle runes.

The falling flakes, shimmering stars flicker and fade,
Frozen fire rosettes in a winter's waterfall cascade.
Might bear, stately wolf marshal a Midwinter's Parade,
Lesser creatures gambol behind the Great White Cavalcade.

Friendly foxes, splotched does, and sleepy seals in a row,
March under the Midnight Sun, silhouettes in the snow.
The sparking troop eyes Northern Lights and reverently bows,
Paying solemn tribute to Arctic skies and the opal Polar Glow.