Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Anchor’s Away:  The Marine Mind
  “Friendship:  The Truest Safety Net”
Friendship is an anchor
Against Life’s undertow.
Keeping us from currents,
Fickle winds that blow.

 Friendship is a buoy
Keeping us afloat.
A gentle life preserver,
For any troubled boat.
Friendship is the keel
Of a strong and fruitful life.
Co-captains at the wheel,
To sail through any strife.
Friendship is the mast
To which we attach our sails.
Without such strong support,
We’d sink in stronger gales.

Friendship is the hull
In which we store our treasure.
The islands in the streams,
Where we find our pleasure.
Friendship is a lighthouse
A blessed guiding light.
Piercing through the fog,
A beacon in the night.

Friendship is the towline,
We cling to in rough waters.
Without this SOS, my friend,
We’d never find the harbor.

Let me be your crewmate.
For without your love for me,
I’d gladly walk the plank,
And be forever lost at sea.

Composed for Anchor Club   
In thanks for my honorary membership
Diane Chancy 2/04