Friday, October 24, 2008

Lumberjack Jawing and Wood Sawing

Baby I'm a blogger; I just can't believe it.
My family folks are loggers; they just won't read it.
Lumberjacks don't have time to flip through blogs,
Read long-winded logs by some blogging jack jaw.
They only have time to roll the logs, pole the clogs,
Get those trees down river and get that wood to saw.
Now they'll flip some flapjacks and griddle cakes,
And they'll flap their jaws for heaven's sake!
They understand logging, tobogganing, and mud bogging!
But they won't buy into this hack saw blogging.
For fiddle sakes and greasy hoe cakes!
Lumberjacks don't like bloggin' for heaven's sake.

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